About Us

Abbey Bowmen (Herts) was formed in 1967 when Manor Bowmen and Bricket Wood Bowmen merged.  Shooting took place alongside the River Ver at Westminster Lodge, close to the historic St. Albans Abbey. Read more.



Today we are a large club with members aged from 9 to over 70.  The club prides itself on being very friendly and welcomes anyone with an interest in Archery, whatever their level of expertise.  We do however require complete beginners to take part in an Archery GB approved beginners' course before shooting with us.




A variety of bow types are used - Longbow, Barebow, Recurve, Compound.

Most of the time we practice Target Archery, but we also have Clout competitions and an annual Wand shoot.

What ever type of archery you choose, there is always some expert advice available within the club.