Clout Archery

Abbey has a group of keen clout archers who practise at our field but also attend Clout competitions far and wide.

Start by reading  An introduction to Clout Archery.pdf

Everything Clout: classifications, tassell awards, rankings, shoots etc can be found on the website of the Northern Counties Archery Association

There is a very active FaceBook Clout group where you can find details of forthcoming competitions and entry forms.

Abbey archers have so far booked to attend the following competitions in 2018:

  • Sunday 15th April Woodford Open Clout
  • Sunday 22nd April Essex County Clout
  • Sunday 3rd June SCAS/Beds Championship
  • Sunday 8th July Bucks County Clout
  • Saturday 18th August Surrey County Clout
  • Sunday 19th August Essex Metric Clout
  • Sunday 14th October Herts County Clout
  • Saturday 20th October National Clout Championship

Come and join us. 

Speak to Maggie Johnston or Malcolm North if you would like to know more.