12th July Updates

The following summarises the changes made on 12th July as a result of lessons learnt and updates from AGB. Full details are in the updated approach document version 1.1 available here.

  1. Target Bookings can now be made 1 day before the session 

  2. Clout bookings can be made until 10 mins before the session. The lane you book will be the lane you shoot in.

  3. The width of a lane will be reduced to 4m from 5m. This will give us 10 target and 8 clout lanes from Tuesday.

  4. Disinfecting Bosses: Bosses no longer need to be disinfected after being set up.

  5. Improving Communication: When a target booking is made you will be asked if you are happy for your email address to be released to the other archers on the session. This will improve communication and allow everyone on the session to quickly notify changes to others attending the session. 

  6. Organising Set Up: The target booking form will be changed to ask when you are available to set up. The default position is 30 mins before a session starts. This will help ensure enough people are present to set up the field.

  7. Two households per clout lane: As per AGB guidance we will allow two individual archers from different households to shoot in the same clout lane but on different details while maintaining 2m social distance. This will be by mutual agreement no one will be forced to share a lane.

  8. Rounds and Awards: AGB have also introduced a progress award scheme for 3 dozen rounds on a 122cm and 80cm face for both juniors and seniors. Currently only the 122cm scores are available but hopefully the 80cm scores will be released soon. The committee is discussing how scores can be collected and will communicate this process in due course.

  9. Other Clubs: Currently we are not filling the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. Going forward the committee has agreed that if there are spaces available at midday the day before a Tuesday or Thursday session then these spaces can be booked by Elswood and possibly other clubs who cannot currently shoot.