22th July Updates

The following summarises the changes made on 22nd July as a result of lessons learnt, feedback and updates from AGB. Full details are in the updated approach document version 1.2 available here.

  1. New Distance: 15m will be added as a target distance. This is to support the HAA postal league U12 girls category.

  2. AGB 360 Challenge with 122cm Faces: AGB have created the 360 Challenge which is a postal competition the details of which are here, https://www.archerygb.org/archery-gbs-360-challenge/. This competition requires 122cm faces for all bow styles except compound. To facilitate entering this competition we have made the following changes:

    • 70m will be added as a target distance. I must emphasise that this distance must only be shot by those who are comfortable shooting this distance without missing.

    • A 122cm face can be requested for you to keep and re-use.

    • The 122cm face will need to be put up by the archer themselves or with others in the same household.

    • It is possible for an individual to put up a 122cm face on a straw boss, but it is easier to use a foam boss. You can request a foam boss for this purpose but preference will continue to be given to compound archers and so cannot be guaranteed.

  3. New Saturday Session: Saturday sessions will be available from 1st August running at the same time as the Sunday session.  This will provide more spaces at the weekend.

  4. Open Bookings: Until now only one open session booking can be held, this will be changed as follows.

    • For target, you will be able to hold one open mid-week and one open weekend session.

    • For clout, any number of sessions can be booked upto a week in advance.