Important Notes on Target Sessions

The field needs to be set up and taken down for each session and it is important that everyone takes part as far as they can. If this doesn't happen then a small group of people are left performing the task for the majority. With this in mind I would like to clarify some points around this area.

  1. Perform Your Role: If you are assigned to set up or take down then please make sure you can be there at the required time/stay to the end, or if not let the organiser and other people on the session know ASAP.

  2. Tying Down Bosses: Those not lifting the bosses should tie down the bosses. This is not the responsibility of those lifting the bosses.  

  3. Help If You are There: If you are not assigned to set up or take down but you are at the field while these activities are taking place then please help with everything bar lifting the bosses, this includes tying down the bosses. Remember social distancing must be maintained at all times while setting up or taking down the field.

  4. Everyone Can Help Including Parents: It is important that as many people as possible help with the set up and take down of the field. Instruction will be given to those that have not done it before or are uncertain. Parents of juniors are encouraged to support the set up and take down of the field. 

  5. Face Coverings: Face coverings must be used for those putting up the bosses, unless they are in the same household.