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The Club

Abbey Bowmen (Herts) is an Archery GB club formed in 1967 when Manor Bowmen and Bricket Wood Bowmen merged. Shooting took place alongside the River Ver at Westminster Lodge, close to the historic St. Albans Abbey.


The club is affiliated to the national governing body Archery GB, our region the Southern Counties Archery Association (SCAS), and our county Hertfordshire Archery Association (HAA).

You can read more about our history here.

Archery for All

Today we are a large Archery GB club with members from all backgrounds, ages, and capabilities. There are those who just want to shoot a few arrows for fun, enjoy the odd picnic and after shooting social events, and those who shoot competitively (we have county and national champions in our ranks). We support those who need a little extra help to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in the sport we all enjoy. We are a Archery GB OnTarget club which helps the development of the club. We also have a number of coaches to support the development of your archery.

Different Types of Archery

The club supports many archery styles and disciplines. We have archers who shoot the main bow types namely recurve, compound, longbow, barebow and flatbow. You have the opportunity to shoot the archery disciplines of target, clout, and wand. We are one of the few clubs in the area who have a ground big enough to shoot clout archery (shooting at a flag between 80m and 185m away).

Challenge Yourself

There are numerous ways members can challenge themselves with their archery. There are various individual awards members can obtain designed for both adults and juniors. You can compete at different levels of competitions from very informal club competitions, friendly inter-club shoots, postal leagues (individual and teams) to more formal tournaments at county, regional and national level. The club will support you in whatever level of archery you wish to participate. This is helped by us having a number of coaches including one who is actively involved in Archery GB’s development programme for the next generation of international archers.

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