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Request Target Distance

  • Visitors: If you are a visitor and have not shot with us before then please email before attending.

  • Why Request a Distance?

    • This form is to request a specific target distance. There is no requirement to register for a target session or request a distance. Ideally you will arrive in time to help setup. If this is not possible then requesting a distance allows others to see how the field should be set up.

    • If you don't request a specific distance you may need to shoot whatever distances have already been setup when you arrive. 

  • 1 Hour Before Session: Requests should be completed no later than 1 hour before the start of a session.

  • Changes: If you wish to change a request then submit a second entry and add a suitable note into the notes field.

  • Cancelled Sessions: You can assume a target session will be held. If a target session needs to be cancelled it will be communicated via email.

  • Cancelling Your Session: If you wish to cancel a request please submit another request for the same day but state in the notes that you are cancelling your distance. Please be aware that if you cancel on the day of the session and your absence means the session is not viable then you will need to contact the other registered archers. 

Your request has been successfully submitted

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