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How to Join

Before you can join Abbey Bowmen, or any other Archery GB affiliated club, you will need to attend a beginners' course.  The club usually runs two or three beginners' courses each year. If you have already completed a beginners' course then please contact us via our contact page about joining us.


If you have completed a beginners' course and are an Archery GB member you can join as an associate or shoot as a visitor. In October, at the start of the membership year, you can join us as a full member as long as you have not already joined another club.

Our membership fees are listed here.

Our Beginners' Courses

Our courses generally take place over four weeks in the gym at Loreto College in St Albans, or in the outdoor season, at our field at Manor Lodge School. There are usually 4 sessions of 3 hours each. The cost is £89. We will usually accept juniors from the age of eight (if they are mature enough to take instruction, can draw a bow and can behave safely). For children under 14 years old, a parent/guardian or responsible adult designated by the parent/guardian must be present at all sessions.  We teach juniors and adults together, so it is perfect for a family activity.

All necessary equipment is provided by the club.  If you subsequently join we have a free equipment loan scheme which covers the first month of your membership. You may be able to borrow for a month or two longer for a small fee. After this you will be expected to buy your own equipment, but coaches will give you advice on this. Please don't buy your own equipment before completing the course.

Course are also run by other archery clubs and archery shops. If you attend one of these courses you will need to be assessed before joining Abbey to ensure you are safe to shoot, and can set up your equipment. We generally find that courses with at least 4 sessions are required to achieve this level of competence.


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