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Abbey Wand Shoot

Since 2009 the club has held a Wand Shoot at its field.  The Abbey Wand round has become the accepted standard - South Wilts hold their own Wand shoot now using the same format. Such is the success of Abbey's Wand that we now attract archers from all over the country, keen to try something different.

The wands are tall pieces of wood of different widths, faced with resilient foam.  Juniors shoot at 4” wands at 100 yards, Ladies and Gentlemen at 5” wands at 120 yards or 6” wands at 140 yards.  A hit scores 5 points.  In addition there is a 5’ scoring circle at the base of all wands.  Any arrows in the clrcle score 1 point.  Our shoot is a double round - each single consisting of three dozen arrows with six sighters before the first round.

At Abbey an integral part of the shoot is the availability of cakes and hot drinks all day!

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