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Basic Terms

10 Zone Scoring

A scoring system which scores from 1-10.

5 Zone Scoring

A scoring system which scores from 1-9, using odd numbers only.

Archery GB

The national governing body for archery through out the UK.


A recurve bow without a sight or stabilisers. The rules for a barebow are defined in the AGB's Rules of Shooting.


A target usually made from straw or foam.

Bow Weight

For a non-compound bow this is the weight required to draw the bow to 28". It is dependent on the length of your riser, and the length and strength of your limbs. Bow weight must not to be confused with draw weight.


A group of archers shooting at the same time. There are usually one or two details during an archery session.

Draw Length

This is the distance from the nocking point to the throat of the grip plus 1 3/4". Typically, this length is not necessarily the same as the arrow length. Typically novice archers have slightly longer arrows.

Draw Weight

The weight in pounds (lbs) of a non-compound bow at your draw length. The draw weight will vary from archer to archer even if they are using the same bow. It is important you know the draw weight of your bow for set-up and tuning purposes. This is not the same as the bow weight and should not be confused with the poundage marked on the limbs.


Arrows shot in a sequence before being collected at the target. An end usually consists of six arrows outdoors and three arrows indoors. There are usually up to two details per end.


Field Captain


An archery handicap is a measure of the skill of an target archer. It ranges from 100 (the worst) and 0 (the best). An archer has separate indoor and outdoor handicaps.


When an arrow touches a line between two scoring zones. The arrow will always score the higher value. It is also the name of the club's monthly magazine.


The end of the arrow which attaches to the string.

Nocking Point

The nocking point is the place on the string where an arrow is attached to the sting. The position on a string is marked by brass nock points or some thread wound round the string.


This is the central part of the bow into which the limbs are fitted


A round consists of a set number of arrows shot at target set at one or more distances.

Rules of Shooting

This document is the official set of Archery GB rules. They define how archery is shoot while maintaining safety.


A target is what archers aim at. They usually consist of ten concentric circles coloured white, black, red, blue and gold. There are other types of target.

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