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Archery Disciplines

Clout Archery

A form of archery where the archer tries to get a close as possible to a small flag (the clout) between 75m - 185 metres away.

Field Archery

A field archery course is set up over woodland and rough terrain. Archers shoot a specified number of arrows at different targets in sequence. Archers might have to shoot uphill or downhill, and the targets could be different sizes and at different distances so anyone taking part has to really think about what they are doing. Field archery is a great way of keeping fit and enjoying the outdoors.

Flight Archery

This form of archery simply consists of shooting an arrow over the longest possible distance. There is no target but it does require a very large, flat area – something the size of an aerodrome. Recurve, compound and longbow classes can all shoot flight archery within different weight categories. Specialist bows and lightweight arrows are used to maximise power and reduce drag.

Target Archery

Archers shoot arrows at targets usually consisting of concentric rings usually coloured white, black, blue, red and gold. It is the type of archery shot at the Olympics, and is the version most beginners learn first.


At a Wand shoot archers attempt to hit a target 6" wide by 6 foot tall. Abbey Bowmen hold a Wand shot every November.

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