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Skills and Drills

Drill 1: 1-2-3 Alignment

This drill will help you learn the position at the end of the shot. Check posture while doing this drill. Use a mirror to check posture.

Drill 2: Set, Set-up

This drill will help you learn to maintain your posture while moving from the Set position to the Set-up or pre-draw position.

Drill 3: Raise and Rotate

As a progressions from the "Set, Setup Drill" you'll need to learn to get into alignment, combining the rotation with the setup.

Drill 4: Half Draw

The half draw drill teaches you to draw the bow correctly from the set-up position using your entire shoulder unit rather than drawing with just the arm. Correct drawing technique will bring you into better alignment and prevent injuries to your shoulder.

Drill 5: Bow Elbow Rotation

This drill will help you learn to control the bow elbow and master the movement to achieve the strongest position maintaining the elbow joint in a vertical position.

Drill 6: Release Motion

This drill will help you learn the movement of the draw hand at release and follow-through.

Drill 7: 6 Step Sequence

This drill puts the whole shooting drill together to create a flowing shot. Protect the bow arm as the stretch band will hit the bow forearm. Using a finger sling to stop the stretch band leaving your hand.